Salt Lake Retired Firefighters




About the SLRFA

Purposes of the SLRFA

The Salt Lake Retired Firefighters Association promotes the interests of retired firefighters and/or their spouses, schedules social activities and works to benefit our members. The SLRFA accomplishes its mission through a bimonthly newsletter, regularly scheduled social events, an email list and involvement with other firefighter organizations, including the various organizations of the IAFF and the Salt Lake City Firemen’s Relief Association. The SLRFA is not affiliated with any other organization.

The SLRFA is also dedicated to promoting the same among retirees from the Unified Fire Authority and other Salt Lake area paid fire departments. We invite these retirees to participate.

2013 SLRFA Board

  • President: Rick Soltis
  • First Vice President: Norm Anderson
  • Second Vice President: Barry Bonham
  • Secretary/Treasurer: George Sumner
  • Trustees: Gene Campbell, Ray Schelble, Jim Sondrup, George Thornton (Chaplain)

Members of the SLRFA Executive Board do not receive any compensation for their duties.

History (We are in the process of putting something together here, but it's difficult because we have no records. We are looking for any information our members could share on who has been involved in our organization and the time frame involved. If you can help, please send an email or contact Gene Campbell or Ray Schelble. Some of you have helped a lot already, but we still have holes to fill. Any information, no matter how minor it may seem, is greatly appreciated.)

Membership and Dues


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