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Photos from the April 30, 2011, party at Harold & Judy's. The day included gusty winds and an outside caterer.

Photos from the May 1, 2010, party at Harold & Judy's. A great group overcame the challenges presented by the Iron Man.

Photos from the April 25, 2009, party at Harold & Judy's. The weather was touch and go, but mellowed out just in the nick of time. Those who made it were treated to a memorable south-of-the-border feast and a fun get together.

April 25, 2009, group picture. This is an 8x12 photo. It can easily be resized sized to a 4x6, but not to 8x10. It is better if copied to a removable disk and taken to any place that does photos. It is a larger file (1mb), so it may take a bit of time to download to your computer.

Photos from the April 26, 2008, party at Harold and Judy's.
Once again, thanks to Harold, Judy and all the group in Ivins for their hard work, warm hospitality and great food.

Photos from the April 21, 2007, party at Harold and Judy's.
Harold and Judy Turner again welcomed all of us into their home, and the whole St. George/Ivins crowd made generous contributions of food and help. During the party, SLRFA members donated almost $800 to benefit Burn Camp.

Photos from the SLRFA Winter dinner, February 13, 2007, at the Cowboy Grub.

Photos from the SLRFA Christmas dinner, December 12, 2006, at the Cowboy Grub.
Again, many thanks to the Salt Lake City Firemen's Relief Association for providing the colorful poinsettias for table decorations.

SLRFA honors Bill Page at the October 10, 2006, dinner at the Cowboy Grub.


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